Our Story

Barry Johnson –Guitar & Vocals
Barry’s love for music and flair for entertaining began early. He started with the trumpet and then switched  to playing keyboard and guitar with his high school rock band. After graduation he worked with local touring bands in Manitoba such as Lyffe, Stardust and Hurricane Hannah. Barry added another dimension to his musical portfolio by completing the well-respected recording engineering course at the REC Recording Workshop in Ohio, which added key technical attributes to his musical creativity. In 2003 Barry moved to the Burlington area and formed the Undercover Band, playing lead guitar to many appreciative and packed venues. He relocated to Cobourg in mid 2013 and in early 2015 began performing with the rockin' R&B band called The OFFBEATS.

Chris Towells – Drums & Lead Vocal
Seeing The Beatles live at the age of 10 was the kick-start of Chris’s music career. He did guest appearances singing in his older brothers band doing various venues. He performed in 1964 on the Tiny Talent Time show on CHCH TV  singing a Beatles song. At the age of 11 he started playing the drums and moved to Port Credit where he joined a Rock n Roll band , playing with them for many years. In 1988 the same band was re-established and The Marauders was formed . After a few years the band became a 3 piece where Chris took over as the lead singer as well as playing drums. They continued to perform for another 20 years, playing night clubs , private functions and special events . Over the years Chris had the opportunity to be on stage with some great guests such as Virgil Scott, Jeff Healey and Chuck Jackson to mention a few. Chris also plays guitar and performed in a  guitar Duo , as well as a solo act playing many small venues . Then in early 2015 he rejoined with former Marauder and lifelong friend Doug Stone (Collier) and new guitarist Barry Johnson and formed “The OFFBEATS” . Music has been a very important part of his life and he looks forward to many more years of playing.

Richard Uglow - Keyboards
Richard first started playing classical piano when he was seven. Although he always loved playing, he didn't take it seriously until he started studying jazz with Ted Moses when he was a teenager. Ted also mentored Richard in the skills of composition and arranging. He made his first $100.00 from music while in high school by receiving an award at the Canadian Stage Band Festival for a composition he wrote for the school jazz combo. He has now been playing and recording music professionally for 30 years. At 19 Richard started playing in professional bands around Toronto, most of which played R’n’B. Over the last 2 decades he has played and/or recorded with a number of artists including: Hell + High Water, The Mighty Pope, Jane Child, 3 plus 3, Morris Albert, Errol Star, Joe Johnson, J. Douglas, and the Irish Descendants. As well as playing with Current Level and Jasmin Bailey.

Doug Stone – Bass 

Doug's life and interests both in and outside of music have been, to say the least, eclectic. Classically trained on tuba, Doug started playing bass at age 13 and embarked on a professional career at 19. He toured with the legendary Bo Diddley and has been a sideman with the likes of Terry Sylvester of The Hollies, Canadian blues legend Frank Cosentino, and Chuck Jackson of The Downchild Blues Band. Doug has also worked as a teacher, commercial pilot, ski instructor, and sound editor. He stays active by playing tennis, golfing and skiing—all of which helps add "muscle" to his playing style.